Being held down from behind, the s*x with Alton was like mating with a beast. He was given inescapable climaxes many times and wasn't even allowed to faint, and when he noticed, it was night.

Yaquel wasn't the only one experiencing inescapable climaxes and endless pleasure. Alton was drowning as well.

"Aaaah~, aaah! Your inside is really the best. I can cum even more, Yaquel!"

"Uh, Your Majesty, uahh please, no more"

When he pokes Yaquel's insides, it tightens up in response. And then the folds would throb, wrapping his glans as if twining itself around it. He has never experienced something like this even with a woman's vag*nal folds.

"Ooooh, amaziiing! Aaah! Yaquel, Yaquel~!"

Alton kept shaking his hips as if he was in his twenties.

"Nnah~, haah, haahh"

He runs his tongue over Yaquel's sweaty back and tastes the firmness of his skin. The salty taste at the tip of his tongue further heightens Alton's excitement, and numerous small flowers bloomed as he repeatedly sucked on Yaquel's back.


When Yaquel called him in such a feeble voice, his heart stirred and he suddenly wanted to see Yaquel's face, so he changed his position as if pressing him down.

His cheeks were flushed red and his eyes were moist, his body trembled with a shiver from the seductiveness that wafted from his toned neck with sweat, and he devoured Yaquel's moist, lustrous lips.

What is this lovely man! I don't know! I don't know anyone in this world who has stirred my heart like this!

"Mnn~, uuhh~"

He stirs up Yaquel's insides without giving him time to breathe. He relentlessly assails him even when he turns his face away. Then, he fixed Yaquel's big body from above in an enclosed manner and invaded the inside of his mouth while intensely ravishing his rear hole. The sound of skin hitting skin, as well as the squelching sound of genitals being thrust in and out stimulate hearing. At the same time, the saliva which belonged to either of them drips from the mouth of Yaquel, who seemed to be having a hard time breathing, and his appearance visually stimulated Alton and his excitement reached its peak.

"Oooooaahh! Yaquel! Take my everything innn! Aah~aah~aaAAHHH~!"

"Hnahh, You Majestyy~, uuh~ahh~"

Pouring every single drop inside Yaquel, Alton continuously pressed his hips until the very end, as if he was blending himself into Yaquel. 

"Yaquel, it felt very good."

As expected of the king who rebuilt this country. Alton's resilience seems to be extraordinary. Alton, who was just slightly out of breath, pulled Yaquel over and put his lips over his forehead.

Yaquel also had confidence in his endurance, but he finds it difficult to even catch his breath after being held continuously and climaxing repeatedly.

"Thank, you, very, much."

Yaquel somehow managed to give an intermittent reply.

Ahh, I can finally go home to Hana-Hana after this.

Being able to go back to Hana-Hana without any regrets upon completing both the thing with Hylm that Alton requested and the matter where Alton embraces him, he was filled with a sense of accomplishment.


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