[If someone hits you, I'll kill him.]

The heavy bass with erased emotion reverberates on my body.

[I'm never selling you to the Priest.]


He grabbed my hair and made me look up. Saine's pitch-black eyes are glaringly bright.

[Once we get home, I'll embrace you.] (TN: Omona! It's here!!!)

[......Yo, you can't.]


[You didn't drink the red wine.]

[Are you saying that I won't get hard?]

The corner of his lips raised as Saine smile. My spine tingled at that smile.

[Don't worry. I will pray to Chinbou-sama.]

[......It's impossible. I'm a man, not a woman.]

As Saine was staring down at me, he kissed me while keeping eye contact. I peek at his pitch-black eyes at point-blank range. My image was in his eyes. 

Scared and happy by the intense glint in his eyes, I couldn't close my eyes as I stared at Saine and felt his hot tongue crawl in.

There's a tingling sensation in my crotch. However, I'm not hard. Saine isn't in that state, so I am not as well. 

But, it tingles.


I groaned and paused. Saine turned to me and looked down at me dumbfounded.

[Are you still hesitating? Give it up. I will not give you to that Priest.]

[That's not it.]

I want to cum but can't. It's that kind of feeling. This body is brand new and it has never gotten hard nor masturbated before. But I wonder if it's the sensation from my previous life, I can't help but crouch down on my crotch.

[Then, why are you sitting down? Let's go quickly.]

[No, I can't walk.]

Saine looks down with a puzzled face. For some reason, I got pissed at his composed face.

[Saine, you were lying about holding me, right? You absolutely can't do it.]

When I turned my face away, Saine squatted down with a sullen expression.

[Don't look down on me.]

[I'm not. I only told the truth.]

[I don't need to rely on some alcohol to get hard.]

[It's impossible!]

After all, I'm only feeling tingly, and it's not getting bigger.

[Saine, you're still calm, aren't you? Even now, it's still soft, isn't it?]

I took a glance over there. It's normal, doesn't look excited at all.

[There's no one who sells himself here. You were a virgin when you first took the Ceremony, right? You've never done it before so how do you know that you can do it? Your libido hasn't been switched on and, I'm a man. You might get hard while looking at a woman's naked body, but you can't possibly get hard while looking at a man naked, right?]

Saine gloomily stayed silent. I guess I hit the mark.

[Should we ask Olphynn for the red wine? You may be able to do it then......]

I don't particularly like men but I think I want Saine to hold me. It might be a one-time thing, but I want to experience being held by him.

[Okay, let's do that. Well, since that's decided, you should go back first.]

[What are you deciding by yourself? Also, I can't possibly leave you alone here. Do you still want to be eaten by monsters?]

What, are there monsters here? I nervously look behind me. Dole didn't stop me when I ran after Saine, that's why I believed that it was safe.

[Anyway, get up. Night is coing soon.]

[No, like I said, I can't stand up......]

I refused when he pulled my arm and make me stand up. I sit with my butt in the air while holding my knees like a student sitting in gym class*. Hm~, what do I do? Even though it's not getting bigger, it's still throbbing with a tingling feeling. TN: Something like this, probably:

[What are you grumbling about?]

Saine puts his hands on his waist while standing, astonished. I look up at Saine while still holding my knees. Saine is so mature. I pouted and looked away. This guy's definitely a liar.

[I'll catch a ras for you so cheer up.]

[Don't tempt me with food.]

I put my forehead on my embraced knees. Why did things turn up like this? Even though my p*nis looks normal. My crotch isn't swelling. But, it's tingling......

[Here, stand up.]

Holding both of my sides, Saine forcefully made me stand up. Uwaaah~. Something just throbbed.


I tightly shut my eyes and cling to Saine. My knees are about to give way. I can't stand properly.

[What's wrong? Are you hurt anywhere?]

I hurriedly grabbed Saine's arms when he was about to let me go. The fabric is rubbing me and it feels unbearable.

[Wait...... it's not like that......]

[Just what on earth is wrong with you?]

[No, well, that......... that, uh, uhm, just became troubling......]

[What's troubling you?]

[Well, like I said, that...... rather, why are you fine?]

[How am I supposed to be?]

[Even though a Reincarnator like me has become like this, why do you still look fine? Rather, what am I reacting to?]

Wasn't it that when the husband is excited, he'll be red-eyed? I tilted my head up to Saine while still holding him.

[What have you been saying since earlier?]

[Like I've been saying, why are you still okay when my p*nis has become like this?]

My stupid mouth went and said something that didn't need to be mentioned.


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