Saine blanked out for a moment, and then, he grinned. It was kind of a lewd smile.

[Let me see.]

[No way!]

There was no way I could compete with his strength and he successfully peeked inside that place.

[Nothing's happening to it.]

[Only visually. Because it's tingling like crazy.]

I'm getting desperate. Why do I have my cr*tch exposed in this place where monsters can come out at any second, that is, outside? Saine seriously looked at that place of mine, and he touched me with his thick finger.

[Don't touch it!]

I wave my hands in shock. Saine turned with a slightly indignant expression.

[I'm your husband. Let me do as I want.]

[No, but, Aren't you unhappy touching a man's body?]

[You're not a man.]

[I am. It's hanging right there.]

Regardless if it's small. My smallness is emphasized when Saine's finger touches it, it's shameful. It's because Saine's finger is bigger than my pen*s.

[You're not a man. You're my Reincarnator.]

I was hugged tightly and Saine's voice echoed in my head.

[Stop it...... Hey, let's go back.]

I asked him while crying but Saine looked into me with serious eyes.

[It's the same thing. Why are you doing that?]

Without looking away from it, Saine licked off my spilled tears with an outstretched tongue.

[It's not the same.]

[Mu*...... Well, it may be small, but still. It has the same shape.] (TN: *Pout*)

Or is it that the men in this world have a different shape? A lot of things here are different so I had a hunch. 

When I subconsciously gulped as I looked up at Saine, his black eyes smiled.

I'll show you if you want to see it but...... are you brave enough to go to the end in this place?]

I shake my head in succession.

[Please stop. It's all my fault.] (TN: MC uses formal speech here.)

When I sincerely apologized, Saine laughed.

It looked like he laughed out of relief. His smile was as if various reservations have been melted away.

[It's going to be night soon. I'll stop for now.]

He reluctantly strokes me. He kisses me, this time with his eyes closed. I was sticking my waist out while being embraced with one arm. Saine's hand, his warm hand soothes me. 'There, there', he strokes me, and my heart calms down.


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